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My name is Jasper Rijkeboer.
I am software developer with a passion for the web and the internet.

I have been using computers since the age of 12 when my dad brought home our very first PC, a 6Mhz PC XT.
The internet sucked me in and assimilated me in 1996 when I plugged in my 14k4 modem. Since then I’ve been surfing the web, “sharing my opinions” and occasionally work on a website or two.

I’ve been working with computers professionally since 1996 when I built and sold computers at Funtronics after school and in the weekends.┬áIt was there that I helped introduce the first Voodoo 3D graphics cards to the Netherlands.

After graduating from Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht, I started working at Tam Tam in Delft. I helped customers use their existing websites to the fullest and built extra features for them too.

I then went to work for various contracting agencies as a .NET developer and have worked on a variety of projects where I mostly use Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

I own plenty of wonderous computational devices, although my iMac is the only one that actually stays on these days.┬
Also, I keep my iPhone 5S within arm’s length at all times.

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  1. Tom Healy
    Sep 30, 2016 @ 15:15:48

    Hi Jasper,

    Keen to have a confidential conversation with yourself.

    I am a specialist headhunter within the software development space. I have a exclusive opportunity that has come up for a client I have worked with now for some years. Keen to discuss your expertise and understand your profile.

    Warm Regards,
    Tom Healy at Venquis B.V Rotterdam “The World Trade Centre”
    +010 808 0687


    • Jaspio
      Oct 05, 2016 @ 14:07:15

      Hi Tom,

      I am gainfully employed and not looking for (freelance) opportunities.

      Kind regards,


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